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Candy Whey Protein 2.1kg


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Candy Whey Protein 2.1kg – 25g of Protein 

The Candy whey protein line has been developed to offer a premium low in sugar instantised whey protein powder. Each 35g serving delivers up to 25g of protein with an added 5g of Micronised L-Gluta, one to help feed new muscle tissues growth and aid recovery for optimum results. Available in 4 delicious flavours

  • Banana Foams – Bring back memories of your favourite soft and foamy, mini banana-shaped sweets.
  • Milky White Chocolate – Creamy and smooth white chocolate taste. Feels like your favourite chocolate bar has melted in your mouth.
  • Rhubarb & Custard – Rhubarb taste providing a hint of sharpness with a luxuriously sweet, creamy custard flavour.
  • Rainbow Candies  A flavour explosion with every serving. Just like grabbing a handful of your favourite multi-coloured sweets.

Recommended use

Mix one scoop with chilled water to your preferred flavour, stir or shake vigorously. Once mixed consumer immediately. For greater accuracy use weighing scales as the scoop provided is included as a tool.

  1. Add 250-300ml of water to your shaker
  2. Mix ONE scoop (35g) of Candy Whey
  3. Shake well for 10 – 20 seconds

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