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Conteh Sports Mega Stack – Pre Workout Stack




This Conteh Sports Mega Stack offers two of the best pre workouts on the market at a discounted rate. These two pre workouts work fantastic when stacked together to experience the extreme focus from the Conviction and the extreme pumps provided by Mega Pump.

Conteh Sports Mega Pump

Conteh Sports Conviction is our high stim and focused based pre-workout. Conteh Sports Conviction is ideal for anyone who has long hard training sessions. We use multiple simulants at a high dose to give you that kick you need for your session, as well as patented TeaCrine® which has been shown to improve endurance, energy, focus and mood. We also use AlphaZone®  which is a patented version of Alpha-GPC, which improves cognitive function and focus.

Per 15.5g Serving
Citrulline Malate 6000mg
Beta Alanine 3200mg
Betaine Anhydrous 2500mg
L-Tyrosine 1500mg
Alpha GPC (Alpha Zone) 500mg
Caffeine 350mg
Teacrine® 40% 150mg
Hordenine 100mg
Huperzine A 1% 15mg


Conteh Sports Mega Pump

Mega Pump is our non stimulant based pre-workout, which was designed to deliver supreme focus and savage pumps. We use Nitrosigine® which is a patented form of Arginine. The use of Nitrosigine® has been shown to promote nitric oxide (NO) production for improved blood flow, focus, and energy.  AlphaZone® is also a key feature in Mega Pump, this is going to improve cognitive function and give you laser like focus without the need for caffeine.

Per 15.5g Serving
L Citrulline 5000mg
Glycersize 2500mg
ALCAR 1500mg
Bitter Melon Extract 1000mg
Beetroot Extract 1000mg
Nitrosigne 1000mg
Pine Bark 500mg
Alpha GPC (Alpha Zone) 250m

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Mega Pump

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