Muscle Culture Maltodextrin 2kg


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Muscle Culture Maltodextrin provides an easy, convenient and nutritionally sound way to build your energy reserves or “carb load”. Maltodextrin is an easily digested complex carbohydrate ideal for supplying additional calories. Complex carbohydrates are broken down slowly by the digestive system providing a steady and sustained release of energy. Muscle Culture Maltodextrin is ideal for people whose metabolic rate & appetite are the limiting factors in their ability to gain weight.

Muscle Culture Maltodextrin is designed to add to protein shakes, like Muscle Culture whey Muscle Culture Whey or to meals to increase your calorie intake and can be useful in the early stages of carbohydrate loading for the competitive athlete.

Usage instructions:

Add  (50g) to 500ml of fluid, i.e. water, juice or protein shake.

  • Quality Carb Loading
  • Unflavoured Energy
  • 40 Servings
  • Convenient way to build your energy reserves or “carb load”
  • Easy Mixing and Easily Digested
  • Unflavoured and ideal for adding to shakes and meals to supply extra calories (Kcals)

The main benefit of maltodextrin is it’s use as a great source of energy when you need it – we’re talking high calories and fast. So, when you’re working on explosive power, or hitting the PB’s, and you feel your levels plummeting towards the end, supplements and sports drinks containing maltodextrin have got you covered.  

Maltodextrin is a rapidly digestible sugar. It provides you with 4 calories per gram and because it is so readily absorbed into your system, it gives a quick energy boost, which is particularly beneficial to bodybuilders and weight lifters in general. When your energy levels plummet, maltodextrin helps you recover for that extra-hard set.  

Maltodextrin can also be used for improved endurance, enabling you to keep going during a longer cardio workout or HIIT session.