Vida Nutrition HydroPump Pre Workout


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Vida Nutrition HydroPump

Vida Nutrition HydroPump is designed for those wanting to reduce or limit stims across their day but still perform at the highest level. This bad boy is packed with focus driving ingredients to make sure you are 100% zoned in to each set and rep without lasting effects of stimulants and have mega pumps during and post workout…

The secret weapon along side all the other premium ingredients is Oxystorm®…

What is Oxystorm® we hear you ask..

Oxystorm® is an extract of Red Spinach (Amaranthus) and has highest content of nitrate available from the leaves of Red Spinach, 50 x more than beetroot.

The Key Benefits:

  • Improves blood circulation throughout the body by dilating blood vessels
  • Increases blood flow during cardiovascular and muscle-building activities
  • Oxystorm® helps reduce fatigue and maintains an optimum level of functioning, especially during hypoxia conditions (oxygen deficiency – Cardio) by supplying nitric oxide ‍♂️‍♀️
  • It is Cardio protective and can enhance sexual performance by increasing blood flow

Coupled with all our other ingredients we are particularly proud of this product and cannot wait to hear all your feedback.

Available in two incredible flavours:

  • Ice Blaster
  • Fresh Lemonade

Stacks perfectly with Vida Nutrition HydroStim!

Get ready, this is Vida

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Ice Blaster, Fresh Lemonade