Conteh Sports Conviction


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Conteh Sports Conviction is our high stim and focused based pre-workout. Conteh Sports Conviction is ideal for anyone who has long hard training sessions. We use multiple simulants at a high dose to give you that kick you need for your session, as well as patented TeaCrine® which has been shown to improve endurance, energy, focus and mood. We also use AlphaZone®  which is a patented version of Alpha-GPC, which improves cognitive function and focus.

Per 15.5g Serving
Citrulline Malate6000mg
Beta Alanine3200mg
Betaine Anhydrous2500mg
Alpha GPC (Alpha Zone)500mg
Teacrine® 40%150mg
Huperzine A 1%15mg

A pre-workout is a way to boost your energy and optimise performance during your workout. It typically comes as a powdered supplement that you mix with water. They generally contain combinations of ingredients, making them an easy alternative to taking several different supplements before hitting the gym.


The objective of Conteh Sports is to provide comprehensive supplements to athletes and gym goers alike. We use the highest quality of ingredients sourced from the best manufacturing facilities around the globe. All our products are efficaciously dosed and our labels are fully transparent so that YOU know exactly what you’re taking and get the absolute most out of your training!

If you’re a bodybuilder, strongman, powerlifter, CrossFit athlete or a general gym goer who is serious about getting results then you’ve come to the right place. When it comes to your training we’ve got your back! Conteh Sports is here to take you to that next level!


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